Professional Reflection

Hunter Merck

Dr. Heidi Campbell

Senior Seminar/Capstone

January 30, 2018

Media Reflections

Media experiences outside of the classroom are important for future career aspects and goals. It gives a person knowledge of what they like and what they don’t like to help them to consider what they are good at and what they would like to spend the rest of their lives doing. I have had my fair share of media experiences over the last couple of years during my time at North Greenville.

My most significant time spent with media has been working for the Media Ministry team at North Greenville. While it is still at the school, it has given me opportunity to learn new things about audio engineering and has allowed me to learn and grow in my skills related to social media. I also have experience in church media with my home church, got to serve as an assistant editor for the Vision Online and have worked with my personal social media accounts to learn more about the field with an Instagram and YouTube accounts. With YouTube, I have learned so much about social media marketing, how things work, how to get found, keywords, analytics, creating content and making relationships with people on the Internet.

Over my time working with media, I have learned so much about people, behaviors, analytics, interests, service, music, pop culture, and so many other things that are considered important in this field. I have spent time researching and growing into a qualified media professional.