Educational Reflection

Hunter Merck

Dr. Heidi Campbell

Mass Media Senior Seminar/Capstone

January 25, 2018


Educational Reflection Essay

            As a student over the last three and a half years at North Greenville, I have transformed into a different person academically and personally.

            Personally, my confidence has soared. As a freshman, I was shy and didn’t want to talk to anyone. I would not let anyone read anything I wrote, made, worked as talent in or any other work I could have been apart of creating. I was afraid to show the world who I really was, afraid to be myself, and afraid to make friends for fear that they would judge me and what I thought were weird tendencies. Being in smaller classes has helped me to branch out into a world of my own because I don’t feel like everyone in the class is judging my every word. I also gained the confidence to start my own YouTube channel. It’s come with lots of challenges with confidence, but I’m finally getting to the point where I’m not scared of what other people think of my content.

            Academically, I have also grown more confident. The idea of having anything I put work into critiqued in front of a group of people was terrifying to me. I remember once my freshman year, we were sharing a project in class (not for a grade) and I skipped my first class ever because I was terrified of being humiliated in front of my classmates. Through my graphics classes, and The Vision Online, I have grown to not cringe at the idea of classmates looking at my work. I now can post videos on the internet of myself and not want to hide, and filming and showing “What You Need to Know” for chapel every week is just another thing, because it has gotten so much easier.

            I believe this will help me in my intended future career because confidence is key in this industry. Being able to show people your work is an essential part of getting hired and knowing how to take criticism will only help me continue to grow as a creator, communicator and overall human being.