All eyes on you

I've been thinking about an incident in a store I saw recently when I was with my mom. It happened a few weeks ago, but I've been thinking about it since then, which means it really bothered me, which of course means I have to get out my thoughts about it.

I was at a store (I won't mention the name of the store to keep the integrity of the store) with my mom. We were in a long line to check out, and it almost would not have been worth the wait, but she had really good coupons that she couldn't let expire. I don't blame her honestly. Anyway, there was a couple at one of the registers. The cashier was obviously new and there was a promotion going on. I don't remember the exact numbers but for the sake of this post were gonna say the sale was 20% off, and then if you opened a store credit card and used it that day, it was and extra 10%, making it 30% overall.

Anyway, the couple had their credit card for the store and misunderstood the sign. They thought it meant if you use your card at all, not just if you opened one that day, then the sale applied to you. Like I said, the cashier was obviously new because when they asked her about it, she was unsure of what she was supposed to do. She asked another employee for help and she explained the promotion was just for people who signed up for a card and used it that day. 

Details aside, this couple didn't want to accept that. They read what they read, and they sure that everyone in the long line knew that they wanted their discount. In the grand scheme of things, they probably would've saved maybe $5 extra dollars. They were being very rude and demanding because they did not understand, nor were they acting like they wanted to. They told the cashier that they would take a photo of the sign and when the cashier wanted to go look at it herself, they were not having it.

I should not have been so upset or bothered by this. I really should not have. However, there was one small detail that made it bother me so much. They were wearing church t-shirts with church volunteer name tags on. As the body of Christ, we must treat people like he did. These people were very publicly showing their church membership, while also being publicly rude to a retail worker in front of a lot of people. 

I know I'm not perfect, nor do I claim to be, but watching that made me so sad. There could have been people in that line watching who have no idea who Jesus is, or maybe they do and they see people who say they love him treating people so poorly. They may never want to have anything to do with Jesus if they see his people treating others badly. I'm so sad for our world. 

Please be kind to people in the name of Jesus, no matter the circumstance because people are watching.