Worship. It's not something I get to participate in very often. However, watching other people worship is one of my favorite things to do. 

I have a thing for taking pictures of people while they're worshipping. It might seem a little creepy to some, but when I see someone standing there with their eyes closed, and their hands held high, there is just something about that stance that I'm completely in awe of. It might be an intimate moment that they share with God, but their outward show of their relationship with Him is beautiful. I feel like part of my worship comes from watching other people in their own moments of worship. 

I get to watch little moments in peoples lives. They may be going through a season of growth, and flourishing. They may be happier than they have ever been, or they may be ready to fall to their knees because their world is falling apart. Seeing people from all walks of life, who are going through any and every circumstance, points to a creator that can take care of people in every single moment. When someone's life is falling apart, they're worshipping and praising the One that has led them to this very moment.

Seeing people wholly surrender their entire being to Jesus fills me with a joy that I cannot feel from anyone or anything else in my life. My heart swells with happiness for the hearts that are fully giving themselves over to our Father, our Creator, the definition of love.