words that have meant a lot

I'm back! This time with a blog post a little less juicy than the last have been but still something that's been on my heart. I hope you don't mind! I'm really trying to crank out a lot of content for this blog and the topic for today is quotes that have meant a lot to me recently. 

If you've kept up with my blog posts for any length of time, you'll know that graduating from college, finding a job, the end of my senior year. This has all been a hard season for me. The first quote talks about seasons in life. 

She will not worry. She will be just fine. She will brave this new season one day at a time.
— Morgan Harper Nichols

Like I've said, this has been a really hard season. It really is about taking it one day at a time in this moment. I've been so worried about getting to the next moment. When I'm gonna move to this place, when I'm gonna get that job, when this thing is gonna happen to me, when those people are gonna call me back. I've just been sitting here waiting on things to happen and I'm not focusing on what I could be doing each day, and not taking it one day at a time. Like I said, I've been looking ahead without looking at what is right in front of me. I'm a worrier, I worry about everything you could possibly worry about, and then some. I worry to a fault and I have to just keep reminding myself that if I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, listening to God, and being patient, He will put me where he wants me to be in just the right moment and everything will be fine. And even if it seems like it's not fine, it will still be fine because that is what he has laid out for me.


The woman you’re becoming will cost you relationships, spaces, and people. Choose her over everything.

I saw this quote on Instagram and it really made me think about it for a while. That means it meant something to me. Losing people, and relationships is never easy. It's actually so hard. Friend breakups are the worst kind of heartbreak in my opinion. Losing friends can be a natural disinterest in someone, which is less heartbreaking, but losing someone over realizing you've been treated wrong for a long time is like a slap in the face. I like to think I'm a pretty selfless person. When I was a kid, the thing I got in trouble for the most was sacrificing things I wanted for my brother. He would whine and cry if he wanted something I had, and to make him stop, I would give it to him. In a way, that habit kind of carried over into being a teenager and eventually an adult. At times I think people have tried to buy my friendship. Not really because they realized they were doing it, but it would be people who would treat me to nice meals, or buy me cute gifts at random times, but then later make me feel badly about myself for one reason or another in the general progression of the relationship. 

I rarely stand up for myself, but when I do, you might want to watch out, because it means I have had ENOUGH. I have let people treat me poorly my whole life because I thought I needed their companionship or their friendship, when I actually am just to afraid of change to do anything about it. SO back to choosing "her" over everything. It sounds selfish to choose yourself over other people, but sometimes you have to in order to maintain who you are, what you stand for, and your emotional and mental well being. It's been a hard pill to swallow. But I have to choose myself to avoid losing myself. 

Next and last quote. 

I hope you know you’re capable and brave and significant even when it feels like you’re not.

This one meant a great deal to me because in this season of life, I've felt straight up like trash about myself. I've cut myself down more times than I can count. I tell lies to myself about who I am and what I stand for. About what I love to do, about what I have the ability to do. The Lord gave me worth, he gave me talents to use for him, he gave me abilities. I have all of these things regardless of whether I feel that way or not. Something else I really love about this quote is that it does not discount the fact that sometimes we feel like trash. It acknowledges the fact that sometimes people feel like they are not enough, yet still encourages the reader that they are enough. 

That's all the quotes I've got for now, but I would love to hear some quotes that have really resonated with you all. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and comment any of your quotes, and I would love to read them.