Why did I decide to start blogging?

Here I am, blogging away. Since I've decided to restart my blogging adventure, I thought I would tell you the story of how I got started.

When I was in high school, I overheard someone talking about how yearbook was an "easy A" class. Because I wanted something that was easy, I took it. I started editing pictures for the book and writing stories for the school newspaper. Even though I didn't like writing news stories, I did like writing to an extent. 

Then, I started working on the newspaper in Journalism 1. I wrote stories for that as well. As I got more and more involved in the world of journalism and writing, I became intrigued by the world of blogging. I started with writing a post on my own personal tumblr page, and then decided to make a page just for writing. That was fine for a while, but I decided one day to just go for it and create a website where I could house all of my writing and pictures. 

It's an easy way to keep all of my writing together, and my portfolio of pictures. Even though I have to pay to keep this page live, and for my custom domain name, it makes me feel so much more "legit" in what I do. I want to be involved in the world of blogging and writing online. I want to be immersed in the digital world in any way that I possibly can, so here we are. I'm putting my thoughts on the internet, and hopefully someone will take some inspiration from it.