The ultimate timeline of God's faithfulness in huntermerck's life

I'm four days away from graduating from college. I've been a bit panicked recently about not having a job at the moment of typing this.

I've cried on the phone with my boyfriend more times than I can count about being stressed about not having one, about not knowing what's about to happen with my future. He tells me the same thing every time. That God is going to provide for me whenever and however He sees fit. When I'm panicked I don't want to hear it. I realize that makes me sound absurd, but sometimes I just want to cry, you know?

Then, one day we were in the car on the way to the movies and we started talking about all the things and all the ways He's provided for me through my entire life. Not one thing has been out of place and all the little pieces of my life have been perfectly orchestrated to lead me to this moment. That everything he has done for me has been in his timing, the way that he wanted it to be.

Let's start with the timing of my birth, or actually before my birth. My mom has told me this story a couple of times. My parents were married for ten years before they were able to have children. Throughout her whole life, my mom said she was never as close with her mom as she wished she would have been. Shortly after my brother and I were born, my family moved in with my moms parents and right after, her mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. She tells me that she believes the reason she thinks it took so long for her to have children was because it wasn't in His timing. We moved in with my grandparents because my mom had two babies. She was able to use the time we lived with them as a way to become closer with her mom and spend more time with her that she would not have had prior to having us. 

Next, the timing of my actual birth. We were due (brother and I are twins for those of you that have not caught on yet) on September 17, 1996. We were born on August 19. 4 weeks early. For the school district I grew up in, if you turned 5 by September 1, 2001, you had to go to Kindergarten, which put me as one of the youngest in my grade for my entire life. This may not seem important, but I will get to that later. 

When I was nine, we moved. Two weeks later, my dad lost his job and my mom was not working full time. Not only were we in a new place that caused me a lot of stress (okay but imagine the stress that a 9 year old has??? little hunter doesn't even know), but we also were about to have money issues. (Sorry to my parents if they don't want me to share this, but it's important, this is about God, not you). My dad started working with a neighbor for a moving company to make some money on nights and weekends. The guy he was working with ended up inviting us to go to church with his family. Not long after, my family joined the church. I remember deciding to give my life to Jesus sometime around then and then was baptized soon after that. This all happened pretty quickly. 

Okay, now we're gonna fast forward past how I was a good kid, didn't drink, party, do drugs, have sex, wreck cars or generally do anything that could soil my "perfect" record as a person that I was in high school. I'm gonna be honest, if you're looking for a time in my life when I fell apart and got into a bunch of bad stuff it never happened, sorry. I'm not gonna say I was perfect, because we all have our moments, but I credit every moment of good grades and decent life choices to the Lord. Not much happened in high school, until we get to senior year. 

I needed to start applying to college. I didn't want to think about it, I didn't want to go, I didn't want to leave home, I didn't want to meet new people or make new friends. I started looking at schools and I came across Anderson, and USC Upstate. I randomly (haha, not really) found a folder that had something to do with North Greenville and decided to apply just for the heck of it. NGU was the LAST school on my radar, and when I got accepted I wasn't excited about it. I was only excited about the fact that if I didn't get accepted anywhere else that I would be going to college. 

Well, remember how I said in a previous paragraph that we were gonna struggle with money? This comes back to us now. I knew that wherever I went to school, I would have to pay for what didn't get covered by scholarships. Anderson cost a lot more than the other two schools. Upstate really did not offer me that much. I decided to apply for a scholarship at NGU that I didn't totally qualify for, but decided to just in case they decided to let me slide. With the application, there was an essay, "Write about a hard time in your life that you had to overcome." That's all explained in this post right here. I got to interview and everything, which kind of shocked me. I got to my interview and they asked me a question about my essay and what happened? I STARTED CRYING. Right there in the middle of my interview, I started crying and I thought it was all over. The next day, my mom and I just happened to be touring Anderson University, when I got a phone call from NGU telling me they were going to award me the scholarship. I could not afford to say no, and that's when I signed a contract agreeing to come to NGU for the next four years of my life. I knew paying for school was going to be a struggle. He opened a door and pushed me through it to a place that would change my life.

This post is all about how he provides so here's ANOTHER awesome story that's kind of a break/pause in the overall life story. I went to Haiti after I graduated from high school. I did not have the money to pay for the trip and some family friends were talking to me about how I wanted to go, but I did not know if I could pay for it. A week later, they wrote a check to the church in full. And that's the story of how God put me on a plane to the poorest country in the western hemisphere for a week that changed everything. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post. 

I said being born just 4 weeks early would be important. Now I'm getting to it. I entered college in the Fall of 2014. Had I been born when I was due, I would have not been in college until 2015. 

When I was a sophomore, I FINALLY decided to brand out in the Mass Communication department at NGU since I was taking some classes in my major. This is something I would not have dared to do my freshman year. By branching out, it means I decided to go on a trip with Mass Comm to Nashville for a convention.

When we got back from Nashville, Digital Media had officially become a major, so I changed from Broadcast over to digital and found one of the loves of my life. The digital media industry. I never would have had the courage to go to a professor and tell them I wanted to change my major had I not gone on the trip.

In addition, at this convention, I really made a lot of friends. One in particular, was my friend Adam. He was a senior that year. I was a sophomore. If I had only been a freshman, I would not have gone and I never would have met him because he would have graduated before I got the opportunity. 

When we got back, Adam told me about a position on the Media Ministry team and how I should apply to work on the team. I had just quit cheerleading (try not to sound so surprised) and needed something to do with my time the following school year. I applied and got the job. Over the course of my junior and senior year, I learned a lot and had the opportunity to grow in my social media skills and learn about audio technology. I made some awesome friends in this job and really gained a family with the team. While on the job, I also became friends with my boyfriend, Mason.

A year later we started dating and I am positive he is going to be the one I spend the rest of my life with. Which led me to sitting in the car with him talking about how God provides and how every single step of every day, every moment is laid out before us, in Him, in order to bring glory to his name. In order for my tears to glorify a God who loves me enough to have it all laid out for me so I don't have to do it. 

He will provide a job for me if that's what he wants for me. He will put me in the right places at the right time, and I just need to trust everything that he is doing. He is faithful and keeps his promises and I cannot wait to see what he's going to continue to do in my life. And I hope I notice the things he's doing as they're happening, so I don't miss the little things he's doing to get me to the big moments, because I can clearly see how the little things matter so much when I look back.

He is so good.