Lessons in fasting

I went on a social media fast this past week and so I did what you're supposed to do when you fast anything, and read my Bible.  

I decided to read in Ephesians. I've been in Matthew for a while and decided to take a break and Ephesians was calling out to me for some reason. I started taking notes as I was going because I asked God to reveal himself to me in the passages I was going to read and I wrote down everything that really stood out to me, or showed me God's character, as well as some notes from the footnotes section, since I am reading from a study Bible. They're really just bullet points, but ask and you shall receive my friends because I asked and I did receive. I wanted to know more about who God is and his grace and his character and his love for us. Since my notes are just bullet points, here they are:

  • Glorious grace: this is just displayed throughout the entire Bible honestly.  
  • He has chosen us: chapter 1 v. 4 "even as he chose us before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him."
  • He cannot be constrained by outside forces (I do believe this was a footnote word for word, ESV study Bible).  
  • His purpose is not so much redemption, but the praise of his name through redemption (not word for word, but a footnote). 
  • His grace for us is so rich!! His love for us is so rich!!: v. 7 "according to the riches of his grace." 
  • Jesus was the atoning sacrifice. 
  • We are freed from slavery to guilt and sin (possibly a footnote, seems too eloquent to be my own words..?) 
  • He brings about good and brings praise to his name through bad situations.  
  • "The work of Christ on the cross is the central axis for the history of creation." (completely in quotes because that is directly the words of the footnote) 
  • We are here for His glory: everything we do should point back to him and bring praise to his name.  
  • God has planned for salvation in all of history: the first signs of prophecy of the Gospel are found in the very beginning in Genesis. He had this all figured out before we could even mess up.  
  • We come to Christ through God's enabling, his grace and his appointment: let me reiterate that he has chosen us. (footnotes)
  • Lastly, He is sovereign: this is a big one for me because while I know he is sovereign over all things, a big goal for my life in 2017, was and is to trust in God's sovereignty. Here is just a moment that God hears me because sometimes I need to be reminded that he is indeed in control of all things, good and bad and he is working and doing big things in my life and in the lives of others and in places I'm going to go and places I've yet to even hear of. He is soverign and he shows me that by reminding me that He is when I ask him to.  

Fasting social media is the last thing that pretty much anyone that knows me would expect me to do. It was hard at times especially when I was alone and had nothing to do, but I took some time to spend with my father and he taught me things.

I would challenge everyone get off of social media for a time (at least a week) and just listen to what God has to say. We ask him for things all the time, but often we fail to listen to what he wants or what he's telling us. Take the time to listen and I promise you will not regret it.