“I love myself.” These words come out of my mouth at least once a day, I’m not going to lie to you. Honestly, that might make me seem a little conceited, but let me tell you, my friends, that could not be further from the truth. 

It’s taken me years to learn to love myself. I know my value, and I know my worth here. I know that people love me and I can feel that love because of the way that they show me. Because I love myself, I have a lot of love to give to others, and that helps me to feel the love from other people.

“Nobody loves me,” “I’m worthless.” Even though I love myself, there are plenty of people who don’t love themselves. It hurts my heart that people can’t love themselves.  Can you believe some people feel worthless? They don’t think they have any purpose, that no one would miss them if they were gone, or that they don’t need to get out of the bed in the morning. 

Some people I love can’t see how much they are loved. It’s so hard to watch someone you love not know how much they are worth. I want nothing more than for people to know how much they are loved. They are loved so much that Jesus literally gave up his life for them. They don't see their worth, when they are priceless. Insecurities get the best of some people. Someone I love once said "I don't want to wake up in the morning, because I am never going to be happy." In that moment, my heart broke for him. 

I don't think some people see their worth, because they measure their worth in their relationships, or the things they have or how well they do at their job. When they don't have a relationship that they want, they feel worthless. When the one person they want to love them, doesn't love them the way they want them to, they feel worthless. When they don't have a job, they feel worthless. When they have depression, or anxiety, they feel worthless. When they don't have all the "things" they want or think they need in order to be "someone," they feel worthless. 

I have placed my own value in the wrong things too many times. Every time, it turns me down the road to feeling like I'm nothing, when actually I know a lot of people see me as someone they love. But, those who don't love themselves, have trouble feeling loved my anyone else. They question why people love them, or often doubt their love. 

"Can you just tell me you love me? Sometimes, I just need to hear it." Even though some people don't feel loved, its so important to tell them you love them. How often do you tell people you love them? Never let someone you love have to question your love for them. (side note: I'm sorry for how many times I've used the word "love.") YOU JUST GOTTA TELL THEM SOMETIMES THEY MIGHT NOT KNOW, OR MAYBE THEY NEED TO BE REMINDED. 

It's just so important to tell people you love them as much as you can.