Literally the school year is almost over. I don't know what I expected when I looked at the calendar and it was April. And since its that time of the year, I have decided to do that cheesy thing that every does and reflect. 

I decided last school year that I wanted to invest in people. I wanted to meet people. Meeting new people has always been the most terrifying thing to me because I am such an introvert. As I suspect most introverts are, they are shy around people they don't know, and very outgoing among close friends and family. For me, I never know what I'm going to get from myself when I meet someone. Sometimes, I'm so shy I hardly say a word, and other times, I will not stop talking. I guess it depends on the people that I am with at the time, how vital it is that I meet someone, and how comfortable they make me feel about myself. 

Growing up, I was always too scared to be myself because people would think I was weird and make fun of me. Me opening up and being myself around someone new has always been completely dependent on how that person made me feel from the moment I met them. 

Well. This semester has been great. I actually met people. I didn't just meet people either. I don't just say hey to them as I'm passing them on campus. Never in my life have I gone out of my way to talk to someone that wasn't my very best friend. At some point in the semester, it was vital for me to make some new friends. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do and I really believe that God has blessed with some awesome new relationships. There are also a few old relationships that I've grown a new appreciation for. 

At the beginning of the school year I said that I wanted God to bless several aspect of my life and I prayed hard over every one of those things. He was faithful to deliver blessings in every area. One thing I wanted was blessings in relationships. This semester, I for real, have met so many new people. And heres the thing: I actually want to talk to them. I want to continue to grow those relationships. I never saw myself here before. Investing in people and their lives is so hard to me, but I know that the friendships I have formed over the last couple of months are real. 

Then there are people that I already knew. Now, don't get me wrong, texting someone all class while you're sitting right next to each other just to make fun of the teacher is great. Like, way better than paying attention. But, not seeing someone all the time has made me genuinely value people when I see them. Just being in someones presence, if only for a minute, is so much greater than getting tired of them. 

The best people are the ones you don't have to be fake around. I can be really fake around some people. Like, I'm pretty sure my closest friends could call me out in a heartbeat if they saw it. The people I've met this semester make me want to not be fake. I genuinely feel like I don't have to try in the slightest bit. 

I have been so blessed this semester and I really don't know if I could even sound more like a suburban rich white family with that phrase. BUT IM JUST BEING REAL. IVE GOT SOME GREAT PEOPLE IN MY LIFE AND THEY DESERVE TO KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM ALL (no matter how much I say I hate everyone).