Future Glory


Let's talk about social media. There are many good things to be discussed but there are also bad things. 

The Bad: You log onto Instagram or Twitter, or maybe check a snapchat story and you see a group of people that you're friends with. They're all hanging out and having fun, but you weren't invited. That makes you feel really bad about yourself. Now imagine if you have a mental illness such as anxiety or depression. This only makes it worse. Your anxiety makes you think of all the reasons that you weren't good enough to be invited and your depression just says you weren't good enough. People are so stressed about how other people are living their lives and how much happier other people are. Seeing others have fun or have a "good" life, when you yourself are constantly in the dumps about something just makes it worse. Just to throw in an example of my own life, I lost one of my life long friends because of something that happened on social media. It was one of the worst times, but it was also incredibly enlightening because I learned a lot about other people and who I was at the time. I heard a pastor once say that we are comparing our behind the scenes with everyone else's highlight reel. We compare our every day normal lives, to the things that other people put on display for everyone to see. We don't really compare apples to apples in this case, yet we pretend like everyone else is perfect based on what we see about them on the internet. This is honestly no way to live life. 

Insert the depression back in. When someone is suffering from depression, they think "I am not good enough", "I am not worthy", "There is no point to this life", "Why doesn't someone love me." They think these things even when they are having, what appears to be, a great life. Most of the time, you will never know who is suffering from depression. They often experience suicidal thoughts and when people treat them like they are nothing, or do not make an effort to make them feel loved, they can act on those thoughts. People need to know how much they're loved and staying on social media flaunting a highlighted life is no way to show love to people. Jesus calls us to love those around us, even our enemies and we must show love to those who are hurting. 

In addition to the highlight reel of social media causing problems, there are also some other problems. In many instances there are ways that social media can blow things out of proportion. There are so many controversial things that happen in the news that get put on social media.  There have been so many race issues and violence issues that have happened in the past and they only seem to get worse. Some people see something and they take off with what they see. So many times, posts are made in reaction to what is read and he or she does not even think about educating themselves on the issues that are happening. In many instances, the reasons that people get angry are completely plausible. However, not everything has to be a big deal. People all over this nation are scared to talk to police officers or get pulled over because they don't know if they will live to see another moment. There are real issues, but they belong in the news to educate us, not to tell the world how you feel about something. Not everyone can share how they feel about things. There is so much controversy that many topics can't even be discussed because someone might be offended. People often think that they can say whatever they want to without thinking about the consequences, but when someone disagrees with them, its like the end of the world. Issues need to be educated. I once had someone tell me that they think the founding fathers would be very disappointed in the current way that many issues are being handled. 


All in all, I think that people rely way too heavily on themselves for what they want fixed whether it be the way that they feel about themselves, or in the way that the world is currently operating. 

God is really the only way that the darkness can end. He is the light in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome him (John 1:5). All of these things are not in vain. Depression, anxiety, violence, race issues, war. Anything that could possibly happen was meant to happen because God is a sovereign God. We can rejoice in knowing that every single unique situation is for his glory and it has a purpose. When you yourself can see the light, you can be used to share your darkness with others to bring him further glory. "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us." (Romans 8:18). This is saying that no matter how bad anything is right now, we cannot even compare it to how great of a future God has planned for us, because that is how great its going to be. Our sufferings are not even worth the greatness that he has for us.