I'm in Jamaica right now. which means I'm literally in paradise. we stayed in a hotel last night and were staying here again tonight. it's been a long week (which i will write about later), but today we had a really cool day and i couldn't wait to talk about it.  

after breakfast we went right out to the beach. I'm just gonna stop right here and tell you that clear water is perfect and beautiful and everything good and right in this world. i was sitting on the beach with my feet in the water looking at the clear water and looking at the mountains. i still can't believe this is my actual life. i just wanted to take it all in. 

I'm getting to the good part, promise. I'm not just bragging about my mission trip turned vacation. today while we were on the beach, we were sitting on a water trampoline. a couple of guys crawled on after us. one white guy introduced himself as Taylor from Tennessee. he told us his friend was OJ from Jamaica and he is deaf. they were on mission at the deaf school. 

now, i took ASL 1 at school last semester, so i was completely fascinated by the idea of this. i was a little afraid to talk to him at first because I'm not confident with my ability to sign. im not that great, but i was still able to communicate with him and i asked him a bunch of questions. he told me he has 4 brothers, and 1 sister. they are all hearing but instead of signing with him, they write things to him. that made me sad for him. 

when i took ASL i loved it. i loved learning about deaf culture so to faced with a deaf person in another country was one of the coolest experiences. i wasn't sure what God wanted for me when i started to really love sign language. BUT i wouldn't be in Jamaica if i wasn't here to share the love of Jesus. i think OJ appreciated our efforts in communicating with him and the fact that we were trying. it was so exciting to see him want to talk to us because we wanted to talk to him. 

today has been the coolest day ever and I'm honestly so glad that God has given me a love of sign language and heart for serving others in His name. without both, i would not have had such a great day.