calling all the single ladies.

"you may not get married." a friend said this to a group of girls when we were discussing boys in the context of God sending us a man. i had never thought about that before and hearing it come from someone who's opinion i trust was very refreshing. 

i think marraige sounds great and i would love to be married one day. however, knowing that it may not be in God's plan for me to is one of the best things I've ever heard. (sure takes the pressure off, am i right ladies?) girls my age are planning their weddings and I've never even had a boyfriend. i find myself jealous of girls in happy relationships or showing off their brand new diamonds on social media, but i have to remind myself that singleness is ok too. 

girls my age are constantly feeling like they need to define themselves by their relationship with a boy. that isn't important. the world puts so much emphasis on having a significant other and while God created marraige for us to become one with someone else through Him, he also never promised us that. he made us for relationship with him and if having a husband will help us to glorify him better, then he will fulfill that. so many girls think that if they focus on God and stop thinking about boys, then He will send a Godly man to them. that happens for plenty of girls, but that's not going to happen for everyone. it might be hard to grasp that concept when everyone around you is paired off, but we were not created for us to worship the Lord just to get something out of it. it's true that God blesses people but  just because you haven't found someone yet doesn't mean God doesn't want what's best for you. sometimes being single is what he has planned for you. it means that he wants you to worship him for all you are and not worry about anyone else. God said in Genesis that it is not good for man to be alone, but we are surrounded by people that we can be in community with and because of that we are not alone. he surrounds us with a community of believers that can help us grow in him. sometimes being single is more effective for the growth of ministry. Jesus himself, the ultimate example of how we should be living our lives, was never married. we may have the desire and the best intentions to be married but God won't let you "suffer" the single life just for no reason if that's what he wants for you. i have read article after article of single girls writing about how they're waiting "on God to write their happily ever after," but they never explore the concept of singleness as an option. 

God has called some people to be single and that is a reality that many should accept and embrace for that is a gift that God has given us. i have to trust that if God wants me to be married, then all the right circumstances will fall into place for me to meet that person. until then, i, like many others, need to stay content with being single. you can't wait "until I'm married to be happy" because it may never happen and we have to be ok with Gods choice to keep us that way.