Today, some friends and I went to Uptown Charlotte to make flower crowns and take pictures. We regularly make flower crowns, so it was just another afternoon for us. I had finished making mine and my friends were finishing up. A lady walked up to the table we were sitting at and asked us what we were doing. She said she thought we were maybe modeling for a company, blog or website. While we were taking pictures for fun, we were also wanting to get some good ones for Instagram or for the photos portion of this website. We told her that we were just there for fun to take pictures.

We have decided that making flower crowns and taking pictures is our form on entertainment for the afternoon. A movie costs about eleven dollars. We can buy a bunch of flowers for twelve and it occupies our time for much longer than a movie would. That was what we told her.

Her friend joined us and asked what we were doing as well. They told us they were from Virginia and they came to Charlotte to connect with people. They want to make real life connections that aren't through the Internet. They were some of the most genuine people I have ever met. We told them how we knew each other and he figured out that we are Christians. He told us that we should make a business out of making our crowns because they were pretty and we seemed like we had a lot of fun making them.

After he found out that we love Jesus, he said something to the effect of, "You girls love Jesus and you're making something beautiful. You could make a ministry out of this." That was honestly something I had never thought about. This was SUCH a God moment. Only being in the right place as God had planned it could have lead us to this moment. He told us that the crowns could lead to self-empowerment. We could help lead broken women to a place of healing by "crowning" them. Just by crowning them with something beautiful, we could show them their worth and what they have in Jesus. He then asked if he could pray over us. It was so cool. He prayed for our lives and what we're doing with our future. He prayed that we could have an impact for Jesus. I can't even remember their names, but they were so bold to ask us if we would pray with them in the middle of Uptown Charlotte. It was such a beautiful moment I seriously couldn't wait to sit down to share with you what happened. Before they left, they asked if they could take pictures with us to document their connection. Making connections with people is so important, especially strangers. 

I cannot emphasize to you what a blessed moment this was. 

ALSO, If you wanna see the pictures we took, check out my Instagram or the photos tab.