New Year (new me)

My title is the most cliche thing in the world. I know. But, on my YouTube channel (here), I posted on video on New Year's Day. (I would like to point out that this post is a little late, my computer crashed and I was unable to get to this). In that video I talked all about my goals for the year of 2016. Goals sound a lot like resolutions. 

There is a difference between resolutions and goals I believe. Resolutions usually involve something that is along the lines of "i'm gonna lose weight", "I'm gonna be nicer". Resolutions are usually just nonspecific ways of someone deciding he or she wants to be a better person. Goals are more specific. I have made goals for myself. Real actual goals that I really believe that I can accomplish with some hard work. I've set out to not just be a better person, but to do other things. Let's get started. 

1. I want to have one positive thing to say about each day. I can be rather negative most of the time and when I have a bad day, I have a hard time thinking of anything else. To help me accomplish this goals, I am WRITING THEM DOWN. Writing stuff down really will help me to be more accountable.

2. I want to gain subscribers. This one is kind of dumb, but I really love editing and filming and posting videos on YouTube and I really want to be successful. I want to have good quality content. I want to have 100 subscribers by the end of the school year (May) and I want people to enjoy what I post. This leads me into the next one. 

3. Regularly upload. I have written so many ideas down for the next few weeks to post videos and I am really looking forward to being regular on YouTube. 

4. Regularly post on my blog. THIS IS SOMETHING ELSE THAT I LOVE. I love writing on here and using it as an outlet for myself and anyone else that may want to read it. I just really want to be good at this and I am hoping that this will help me to improve my writing skills. 

5. Help those I love deal with their depression. I've written before that people I know and love struggle with different mental illness and I want people to be educated on it. It is so important to me and I cannot stress that enough. 

6. Be brave in Jamaica. I am planning to go to Jamaica on a mission trip in July (still taking donations here and taking pics for money here). When I went to Haiti in July of 2014, I was very timid and I didn't reach out to others the way that I probably should have. I want God to lead me in a way that I can be brave and do what he wants me to do to further His kingdom. 

I would LOVE if you could pray for me as I'm trying to accomplish my goals! 

Also, on the topic of "new me", given the title of this post...I got a new phone and I chopped off my hair. I look like a new person people.

Anyway, thanks for reading and Happy New Year!