THE SEMESTER IS OVER ITS CHRISTMAS BREAK I GET TO DO NOTHING FOR FIVE WEEKS with that being said, lets flashback to the first day of classes. 

I had cheerleading practice the evening of the first day and at every practice, my coach likes to give us a little devotional. The one from this particular day stood out to me quite a bit. She made us all draw our hands on a sheet of paper. Then, she had us write on the fingers the areas in which we wanted God to bless us. It correlated with the verse Deuteronomy 28:12 where part of it says, “and to bless the work of your hands.” 

I put three things on my fingers. I wanted God to bless my attitude, my grades, and my relationships with others with the hope that he would choose to bless one of them.

BUT, he blessed them ALL. He chose to not just bless me in one area, but in THREE areas of my life. Guys, thats incredible. Let me explain. First, my grades. I studied hard and got all A’s for the first time since middle school. I’m honestly stoked. It sounds super baggy of me, but I’m so blessed to go to a great school and to have been blessed with the ability to do well in school. Next, there is my attitude. Last year, my depression made me incredibly negative about pretty much negative. Throughout the semester, I have found myself not dreading going to practice. I have found myself just genuinely enjoying myself so much more than before and only God could have caused a change in me in such a way. The last area of my life that God blessed was my relationships. I almost exclusively hang out with only two people. However, this past semester, I worked specifically on spending time with people that are not my regular two friends. Different people bless me in so many ways and I know that only God could bring them into my life. They are people who are so different from me, but I’m blessed to have them.

This past semester was definitely a good one.