Pure Joy

This evening I was informed that there is a woman who I can say means a great deal to me has breast cancer. The moment I heard I was devestated. She's not someone i spend a tremendous amount of time talking to or spending time with, but we catch up at church every few weeks when I come home from school. 

I met her when I went on a mission trip to Haiti in 2014. Her husband was leading our group that week and when I was totally overwhelmed, she helped to calm me down in any way that she could. She was incredibly supportive and helped make a hard week easier for me.  

Here is where I offer my support to her and her family. I am currently reading the book of James and it all connects back to each other. In chapter 1, verse 2, he starts off saying "consider it  pure joy whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the test i of your faith produces perseverance." In chapter 5, verse 11, he talks about how the prophets were suffering for their faith and now they are seen as blessed.  He continues to say that Job had perseverance and we saw what the Lord brought about. I'm not saying that anything about troubling news or stuffing will be easy, but God does promise that He is coming back and that we just patiently wait for the return of the Lord. Things won't always be easy and they may not end well, but that end is only temporary because Jesus is bigger than all of those things. He doesn't promise to heal everyone on earth of every early sickness, but he will receive glory for every moment whether it be good, bad or anything in between.