Compassion International

Tonight, I had my heart broken. Let me tell you how. 

Compassion International is hosting an "exhibit" of the sorts and it takes you through different rooms while you wear some head phones. In the headphones, someone who was once sponsored through the program tells their story about each room. The rooms are accurate replicas of the locations that the person went through. it was amazing. it was actually kind of life changing. Seeing the way that people live in other countries is so hard to watch because it makes me realize how lucky I am. The girl mentioned that she received a card from her sponsor family for her bithday She said that the card said that the family loved her. The people in her country didn't celebrate birthdays because it was considered a waste of money. She had never been told that she was loved and she didn't know what she was worth. She was amazed that someone cared enough about her to actually send her a card to help her celebrate her life. I just take for granted so much that my birthday is celebrated by so many people and it's not even a big deal. She didn't even know that she was worth anything up until that moment and that broke my heart. She had an amazing testimony of how her sponsor family was able to give to her and she was so greatly blessed by a family that cared so much about her. 

The change in her life was incredible. I know that at this moment in my life, I cannot afford to sponsor a child, but  I cannot wait until I have the funds to do so because I want to know just how God can use me to help. 

Jesus is at the center of this cause and the children are being brought from poverty and having their lives changed in the name of Jesus. I want to watch a child grow up knowing who he is and knowing that he will provide even when they can't see how their life is going to change.