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2 Corinthians 5: 17 says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

My brother is an alcoholic. If you don’t know his backstory, about a year ago, he spent some time in jail for a bad choice that was a long going series of bad choices. We knew it would happen eventually if he continued on the path he was going. When it happened, my family and I were disappointed, but not surprised. He had been to jail before, but this time he wasnt getting out the next morning. He missed Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it was a hard season to be in. However, this was just the beginning of God beginning to reveal himself to us about who He is.

When he got out of jail, he went to the state department of mental health to attend rehab. This is where he first identified himself as an alcoholic. They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. This in an of itself seemed like a miracle.

After he got out of there, we were already beginning to see a change in him.

The biggest change started when he moved into a rescue mission in North Carolina. It’s a total of a year long program, and the distance is hard, but it’s the best thing that ever could have happened to him.

Moral of the backstory: he should be dead. In every way possible. He should have died in a car accident, or been killed by someone else. We thought he might kill himself, we thought he might overdose. In so many ways, it is by the grace of God that he is still breathing.

BUT, He isn’t just physically alive, he has been made a new creation in Christ. Simply put, he is a new person. The old Tristan has passed away, and a new Tristan has been brought forth. Jesus has become the center of his life. I’ve never seen him so loving and caring towards other people. He has compassion for people who are nothing like him. He has the heart of a servant, giving to other people and taking care of them. This is the biggest evidence I’ve ever seen of a complete heart transformation.

It brings me to tears to see where he was and where he is going now. The Lord has had mercy on his soul, and has brought him from the depths of his brokenness. He sees people suffering and he wants to help them, but it also makes him lift his hands and praise the Lord for the ways that he has protected him. He knows how much worse he could be. The other men in the rescue mission have lost everything. They’ve lost their jobs, all of their money, their families, and have lost many years of their lives trying to run from something. He sees that he’s young, he still has a family around him that loves him and cares for him and visits him when they can.

People are constantly asking me how he is. All I can say is “good,” because I’m truly in awe of his new life that I cannot put into words how incredible he is doing. He doesnt always have a perfect day, but none of us do. But he’s living and walking with Jesus daily. He’s worshipping a God he doubted existed yesterday. He is walking evidence of the heart change produced by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

God is constantly revealing himself to all of us. He’s taught everyone something in this entire process, which of course is what He meant to do. It’s just funny that we never see if while it’s happening. We’ve all learned a little patience because it took us years and years to get here. But mostly, God has showed us that he is faithful and that he hears us cry out to him. Things are in HIS timing and sometimes we dont understand why it takes so long for something to happen. We get worn down when we feel like our prayers aren’t being answered, but I think that if God would have fixed the problem immediately, we would have taken it for granted and we wouldn’t be standing in awe of how GOOD he is, how much he LOVES us, how He surrounds us with himself and never leaves us alone. How he can heal relationships, and broken hearts. I mean, He had to give our hearts time to be broken so He could heal them, right? Jesus was raised to life so that we could live in Him forever, despite the brokenness that surrounds us, for us to have peace in knowing that He will take care of it, because he has already won. He said, “I win, the battle is over. It is finished.”

I stand in awe of the God I serve. He is so good and I hope I never grown numb to the beauty of his grace and the greatness of his faithfulness. I hope I never grow used to the idea of Jesus being on a cross and I hope never take for granted the moments that God is making me wait. And I hope I never get over the awe I feel because He gave his life for mine.

words that have meant a lot

I'm back! This time with a blog post a little less juicy than the last have been but still something that's been on my heart. I hope you don't mind! I'm really trying to crank out a lot of content for this blog and the topic for today is quotes that have meant a lot to me recently. 

If you've kept up with my blog posts for any length of time, you'll know that graduating from college, finding a job, the end of my senior year. This has all been a hard season for me. The first quote talks about seasons in life. 

She will not worry. She will be just fine. She will brave this new season one day at a time.
— Morgan Harper Nichols

Like I've said, this has been a really hard season. It really is about taking it one day at a time in this moment. I've been so worried about getting to the next moment. When I'm gonna move to this place, when I'm gonna get that job, when this thing is gonna happen to me, when those people are gonna call me back. I've just been sitting here waiting on things to happen and I'm not focusing on what I could be doing each day, and not taking it one day at a time. Like I said, I've been looking ahead without looking at what is right in front of me. I'm a worrier, I worry about everything you could possibly worry about, and then some. I worry to a fault and I have to just keep reminding myself that if I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, listening to God, and being patient, He will put me where he wants me to be in just the right moment and everything will be fine. And even if it seems like it's not fine, it will still be fine because that is what he has laid out for me.


The woman you’re becoming will cost you relationships, spaces, and people. Choose her over everything.

I saw this quote on Instagram and it really made me think about it for a while. That means it meant something to me. Losing people, and relationships is never easy. It's actually so hard. Friend breakups are the worst kind of heartbreak in my opinion. Losing friends can be a natural disinterest in someone, which is less heartbreaking, but losing someone over realizing you've been treated wrong for a long time is like a slap in the face. I like to think I'm a pretty selfless person. When I was a kid, the thing I got in trouble for the most was sacrificing things I wanted for my brother. He would whine and cry if he wanted something I had, and to make him stop, I would give it to him. In a way, that habit kind of carried over into being a teenager and eventually an adult. At times I think people have tried to buy my friendship. Not really because they realized they were doing it, but it would be people who would treat me to nice meals, or buy me cute gifts at random times, but then later make me feel badly about myself for one reason or another in the general progression of the relationship. 

I rarely stand up for myself, but when I do, you might want to watch out, because it means I have had ENOUGH. I have let people treat me poorly my whole life because I thought I needed their companionship or their friendship, when I actually am just to afraid of change to do anything about it. SO back to choosing "her" over everything. It sounds selfish to choose yourself over other people, but sometimes you have to in order to maintain who you are, what you stand for, and your emotional and mental well being. It's been a hard pill to swallow. But I have to choose myself to avoid losing myself. 

Next and last quote. 

I hope you know you’re capable and brave and significant even when it feels like you’re not.

This one meant a great deal to me because in this season of life, I've felt straight up like trash about myself. I've cut myself down more times than I can count. I tell lies to myself about who I am and what I stand for. About what I love to do, about what I have the ability to do. The Lord gave me worth, he gave me talents to use for him, he gave me abilities. I have all of these things regardless of whether I feel that way or not. Something else I really love about this quote is that it does not discount the fact that sometimes we feel like trash. It acknowledges the fact that sometimes people feel like they are not enough, yet still encourages the reader that they are enough. 

That's all the quotes I've got for now, but I would love to hear some quotes that have really resonated with you all. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and comment any of your quotes, and I would love to read them. 



All eyes on you

I've been thinking about an incident in a store I saw recently when I was with my mom. It happened a few weeks ago, but I've been thinking about it since then, which means it really bothered me, which of course means I have to get out my thoughts about it.

I was at a store (I won't mention the name of the store to keep the integrity of the store) with my mom. We were in a long line to check out, and it almost would not have been worth the wait, but she had really good coupons that she couldn't let expire. I don't blame her honestly. Anyway, there was a couple at one of the registers. The cashier was obviously new and there was a promotion going on. I don't remember the exact numbers but for the sake of this post were gonna say the sale was 20% off, and then if you opened a store credit card and used it that day, it was and extra 10%, making it 30% overall.

Anyway, the couple had their credit card for the store and misunderstood the sign. They thought it meant if you use your card at all, not just if you opened one that day, then the sale applied to you. Like I said, the cashier was obviously new because when they asked her about it, she was unsure of what she was supposed to do. She asked another employee for help and she explained the promotion was just for people who signed up for a card and used it that day. 

Details aside, this couple didn't want to accept that. They read what they read, and they sure that everyone in the long line knew that they wanted their discount. In the grand scheme of things, they probably would've saved maybe $5 extra dollars. They were being very rude and demanding because they did not understand, nor were they acting like they wanted to. They told the cashier that they would take a photo of the sign and when the cashier wanted to go look at it herself, they were not having it.

I should not have been so upset or bothered by this. I really should not have. However, there was one small detail that made it bother me so much. They were wearing church t-shirts with church volunteer name tags on. As the body of Christ, we must treat people like he did. These people were very publicly showing their church membership, while also being publicly rude to a retail worker in front of a lot of people. 

I know I'm not perfect, nor do I claim to be, but watching that made me so sad. There could have been people in that line watching who have no idea who Jesus is, or maybe they do and they see people who say they love him treating people so poorly. They may never want to have anything to do with Jesus if they see his people treating others badly. I'm so sad for our world. 

Please be kind to people in the name of Jesus, no matter the circumstance because people are watching. 

Help for the broken

Hey friends, it’s me again, giving you kind of another update on my brother. But, I’m also talking/ranting about something that I have found to be really important. 

First let me tell you what he’s up to. After completing a 28-day program with the state, he is now at a facility in North Carolina that serves as a ministry. I’ve only heard updates from my parents because his communication opportunities are slim. He’s really happy. So happy. So much happier than he has been in a really long time. I thank God for the change of heart that’s He is working in him. Thank you all SO much for your prayers for him and for our family. God is so good. He is a God of healing and he is working on healing my brother into the person he is meant to become, so thank you for loving him, for caring about him, for asking about him, and for praying for him. It means the world to him and to my family. 

Now onto my important discovery. The state facility is a 28-day program. Because it is a department of the state, they cannot turn patients away who are unable to pay for it. An emergency room is not going to turn someone away if they are beginning to bleed to death, but you will rack up a huge bill that may land you back in the ER for a heart attack. In the same way, the state department of mental health cannot turn you away for not being able to pay. That doesn’t mean they won’t bill you. 

I would also like to point out that jail costs nothing to inmates. They are provided their basic needs, like food, water and shelter with tax payer money. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 61% of inmates in state prisons have a mental illness. A lot of times, those illnesses land those people in jail time and time again. Now this is the stat for prison, so these are people that have spent time in jail and gone through a trial and everything, and are now in prison for a certain period of time. 

Jails are full of people who are mentally ill. Sometimes, being mentally ill means doing things you wouldn’t do in a healthy state of mind. Mental illness includes addiction. It costs the inmate $0 to be in jail. Meanwhile, it was cheaper for me to go to college for four years than it was for my brother to go to rehab for 28 days. ONE MONTH vs. FOUR YEARS. TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE!!!  No wonder people are spending more time in jail than getting help. 

Mental illness is seriously a problem for so many people across the United States and so many people cannot afford to get help, they don’t understand the severity of it, they don’t understand their own brains and the people around them are not educated enough to know what is going on. Luckily, I deal with anxiety myself (not luckily for me, but luckily I have been educated on the topic of mental illness), so I could recognize this in my brother to know that something is wrong. Not only that, but a lot of people see addiction as something incredibly shameful. While its not a good situation to be in and addicts become addicts because they chose to start using a substance, they often use that substance to self medicate due to lack of help for a preexisting condition. Really, it’s part of our fallen nature. 

My heart hurts for those in state prisons and city and county jails across the country that need help so desperately but that cannot get it. If taxes are paying for basic needs, why can their health not be included in that. Medications are provided for, but they cannot be a psychiatrist. They don’t get help for addiction. They don’t do rehab in jail. In country jails, they sit inside all day wasting their days. I don’t know how it is for everyone, but that is how it was for my brother. Three months he sat in jail and just wasted that time when he could have been provided some sort of help. Anything would be better than nothing. 

There are people hurting, and my heart breaks for them. I pray one day we can make a change to the justice system that allows help for the broken.


Stats from: https://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/mhppji.pdf 

The ultimate timeline of God's faithfulness in huntermerck's life

I'm four days away from graduating from college. I've been a bit panicked recently about not having a job at the moment of typing this.

I've cried on the phone with my boyfriend more times than I can count about being stressed about not having one, about not knowing what's about to happen with my future. He tells me the same thing every time. That God is going to provide for me whenever and however He sees fit. When I'm panicked I don't want to hear it. I realize that makes me sound absurd, but sometimes I just want to cry, you know?

Then, one day we were in the car on the way to the movies and we started talking about all the things and all the ways He's provided for me through my entire life. Not one thing has been out of place and all the little pieces of my life have been perfectly orchestrated to lead me to this moment. That everything he has done for me has been in his timing, the way that he wanted it to be.

Let's start with the timing of my birth, or actually before my birth. My mom has told me this story a couple of times. My parents were married for ten years before they were able to have children. Throughout her whole life, my mom said she was never as close with her mom as she wished she would have been. Shortly after my brother and I were born, my family moved in with my moms parents and right after, her mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. She tells me that she believes the reason she thinks it took so long for her to have children was because it wasn't in His timing. We moved in with my grandparents because my mom had two babies. She was able to use the time we lived with them as a way to become closer with her mom and spend more time with her that she would not have had prior to having us. 

Next, the timing of my actual birth. We were due (brother and I are twins for those of you that have not caught on yet) on September 17, 1996. We were born on August 19. 4 weeks early. For the school district I grew up in, if you turned 5 by September 1, 2001, you had to go to Kindergarten, which put me as one of the youngest in my grade for my entire life. This may not seem important, but I will get to that later. 

When I was nine, we moved. Two weeks later, my dad lost his job and my mom was not working full time. Not only were we in a new place that caused me a lot of stress (okay but imagine the stress that a 9 year old has??? little hunter doesn't even know), but we also were about to have money issues. (Sorry to my parents if they don't want me to share this, but it's important, this is about God, not you). My dad started working with a neighbor for a moving company to make some money on nights and weekends. The guy he was working with ended up inviting us to go to church with his family. Not long after, my family joined the church. I remember deciding to give my life to Jesus sometime around then and then was baptized soon after that. This all happened pretty quickly. 

Okay, now we're gonna fast forward past how I was a good kid, didn't drink, party, do drugs, have sex, wreck cars or generally do anything that could soil my "perfect" record as a person that I was in high school. I'm gonna be honest, if you're looking for a time in my life when I fell apart and got into a bunch of bad stuff it never happened, sorry. I'm not gonna say I was perfect, because we all have our moments, but I credit every moment of good grades and decent life choices to the Lord. Not much happened in high school, until we get to senior year. 

I needed to start applying to college. I didn't want to think about it, I didn't want to go, I didn't want to leave home, I didn't want to meet new people or make new friends. I started looking at schools and I came across Anderson, and USC Upstate. I randomly (haha, not really) found a folder that had something to do with North Greenville and decided to apply just for the heck of it. NGU was the LAST school on my radar, and when I got accepted I wasn't excited about it. I was only excited about the fact that if I didn't get accepted anywhere else that I would be going to college. 

Well, remember how I said in a previous paragraph that we were gonna struggle with money? This comes back to us now. I knew that wherever I went to school, I would have to pay for what didn't get covered by scholarships. Anderson cost a lot more than the other two schools. Upstate really did not offer me that much. I decided to apply for a scholarship at NGU that I didn't totally qualify for, but decided to just in case they decided to let me slide. With the application, there was an essay, "Write about a hard time in your life that you had to overcome." That's all explained in this post right here. I got to interview and everything, which kind of shocked me. I got to my interview and they asked me a question about my essay and what happened? I STARTED CRYING. Right there in the middle of my interview, I started crying and I thought it was all over. The next day, my mom and I just happened to be touring Anderson University, when I got a phone call from NGU telling me they were going to award me the scholarship. I could not afford to say no, and that's when I signed a contract agreeing to come to NGU for the next four years of my life. I knew paying for school was going to be a struggle. He opened a door and pushed me through it to a place that would change my life.

This post is all about how he provides so here's ANOTHER awesome story that's kind of a break/pause in the overall life story. I went to Haiti after I graduated from high school. I did not have the money to pay for the trip and some family friends were talking to me about how I wanted to go, but I did not know if I could pay for it. A week later, they wrote a check to the church in full. And that's the story of how God put me on a plane to the poorest country in the western hemisphere for a week that changed everything. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post. 

I said being born just 4 weeks early would be important. Now I'm getting to it. I entered college in the Fall of 2014. Had I been born when I was due, I would have not been in college until 2015. 

When I was a sophomore, I FINALLY decided to brand out in the Mass Communication department at NGU since I was taking some classes in my major. This is something I would not have dared to do my freshman year. By branching out, it means I decided to go on a trip with Mass Comm to Nashville for a convention.

When we got back from Nashville, Digital Media had officially become a major, so I changed from Broadcast over to digital and found one of the loves of my life. The digital media industry. I never would have had the courage to go to a professor and tell them I wanted to change my major had I not gone on the trip.

In addition, at this convention, I really made a lot of friends. One in particular, was my friend Adam. He was a senior that year. I was a sophomore. If I had only been a freshman, I would not have gone and I never would have met him because he would have graduated before I got the opportunity. 

When we got back, Adam told me about a position on the Media Ministry team and how I should apply to work on the team. I had just quit cheerleading (try not to sound so surprised) and needed something to do with my time the following school year. I applied and got the job. Over the course of my junior and senior year, I learned a lot and had the opportunity to grow in my social media skills and learn about audio technology. I made some awesome friends in this job and really gained a family with the team. While on the job, I also became friends with my boyfriend, Mason.

A year later we started dating and I am positive he is going to be the one I spend the rest of my life with. Which led me to sitting in the car with him talking about how God provides and how every single step of every day, every moment is laid out before us, in Him, in order to bring glory to his name. In order for my tears to glorify a God who loves me enough to have it all laid out for me so I don't have to do it. 

He will provide a job for me if that's what he wants for me. He will put me in the right places at the right time, and I just need to trust everything that he is doing. He is faithful and keeps his promises and I cannot wait to see what he's going to continue to do in my life. And I hope I notice the things he's doing as they're happening, so I don't miss the little things he's doing to get me to the big moments, because I can clearly see how the little things matter so much when I look back.

He is so good. 

updates for all to see

Updates, updates, updates. Sometimes update posts can seem a little redundant if not much has changed, but here I am writing you an update because big things are happening. I can see the Lord moving in such a mighty way and so many people have been asking for updates, so here I am. Updating you on all things.

First, my parents got my brother out of jail at the very end of January, per his public defender’s recommendation. I will tell you I fought with my parents about this recommendation for a while. Don’t get me wrong here. I love my brother and I wanted nothing more than for him to get out of jail, but at that stage, I wasn’t sure if getting out was the best option. I didn’t want him to think he was getting an easy pass out to continue on with the lifestyle he was living previously. I knew my parents would do their best to give him restrictions, and keep him from doing things, but there is only so much you can do to control a person without tying them to a chair and staring at them all day. 

Now let me tell you how God is moving. The whole goal in getting out of jail when he did was so he could get into a rehab program. After praying for years that he would finally accept that he had a problem, he was rejected by not one, not two, but three different facilities due to the problem of dual diagnosis (addiction + a preexisting mental illness). Finally after a lot of work and a lot of waiting, he was accepted into a 28 day state facility in Columbia. They just had to wait on a bed for him to actually go. This time period of waiting was teaching us to trust, trust, trust that the Lord would provide everything he needed. 

I was at home over spring break, enjoying my sleep and last few days of freedom when my mother woke me up with a phone call. She told me to wake up my brother, and tell him to pack up his clothes, rehab had a bed and he had to be there by 3 that afternoon. He got to work, we dropped him off and that was that. 

A few days later, my mom called me to tell me that he finally admitted to actually having a problem. This is God working in changing his heart. While he’s working on changing his life, God is working in his heart and showing him that there is so much more than the heartache that alcohol causes for him. 

While we were on the way, he was telling us about a couple of different situations where he should have been dead. He has no idea how he made it out of any of the situations alive, let alone all of them. God is so good. It is no accident that he is still here, living and breathing with us. By the GRACE of God he’s learning, he’s growing. He was chosen by an Almighty God to do a work in him, for Him. 

Not only is God showing him a new life and new way to live, He’s also breathing His grace into my family. Being an addict is hard, and people like to judge over and over again, but then when you see if happen to someone you know, someone you love, its harder to see that. God has given my family and I an opportunity to see how to show grace to people who are messy, who are broken, because we all are. 

Our first response is to be angry, but God’s wrath was satisfied with the death of Jesus on the cross, so our anger has to stop at the source, and we are to show grace to people who are struggling. Jesus himself hung out with the poor, needy, hungry, addicted, dirty, broken, sick, and outcasts. People were drawn to him and the people who looked at themselves like they were better because they seemed to have their lives together were angry. But Jesus loved the broken. He loved them enough to die for them despite the mockery, the pain, the humiliation. He has called us to leave our worldly thoughts (judging those who mess up, broken people) behind and show people love and grace in the name of the Father. 

When my mom picked him up from rehab, she took him to the beach. They started to go shopping for some shoes, which he has been waiting months for, and they passed a sign on the side of the road for an open AA meeting. I started crying because he gave up his shoe shopping time for an AA meeting the first day he was out of rehab.

He’s getting there. He still has a long way to go, but he’s getting there. We are no longer seeing one step forward and two steps back, but actually the opposite. We’re seeing him taking steps in the right direction. I’m seriously amazed how how good he is, and how faithful he is. I don’t know why I’m surprised, because of everything he’s done for me, but my little human brain can’t accurately grasp how good he really is. Wow.


harder seasons

Time to hang our dirty laundry. Let me tell you a story. 

Sometime in the fall of 2017, my brother got arrested. If you know him, then you may know why and if not, then that is not important right now. What is important, is the fact that this story isn’t about him at all. It’s about Jesus and who He is.

Over the last seven or eight years, my mother has been heartbroken over my brother’s decisions. Continuing to make terrible decisions wrecked their relationship. She felt like she couldn’t do anything right and he felt like there was nothing he could do to make anything better, so he turned to his poor choices as a way to make himself feel better for a moment. His poor choices turned into an eventual lifestyle which has now landed him in jail for the time being. He missed Thanksgiving. He missed Christmas, and New Year’s. It’s been a weird season. 

I did ask my mom if it was okay to tell this story on the internet, and she approved because of what God is doing here. He’s working I promise. 

“What in the world is God doing with your brother in jail?” -- Yeah, I asked the same thing. Jesus has brought me to weeping multiple times over the past couple of weeks to show me how good He is. Remember when I said my mom and brother had a wrecked relationship? God is a God is healing and restoration. 

Through my brother being in jail, they have become closer than ever. They can’t touch, and they can only see each other through glass during their visits every Sunday afternoon, where they sit and talk for the only hour of visitation the jail allows per week. But, they can talk on the phone every day. But those phone calls. Let me tell you they spend 15 minutes (at least, they only last 15 minutes, sometimes he calls again if they weren't finished) on the phone every single day. If he would’ve never gone to jail, they would still see the same strained relationship they have had for years. I’ve been praying for them every day all these years. 

Side Note: As an example of the kind of love only a mother can have, we still have a Christmas tree in our living room (my mother is the kind of person that takes the tree down before Christmas Day is over). She found a 3 foot tree on sale and set it up with all of his favorite ornaments and has bought him gifts that are slowly being wrapped and put under the tree so that we can celebrate Christmas with him. When I asked how long it's staying up: "Until your brother comes home."

And finally, I am seeing him work. He is so faithful. Nothing happens overnight, or in our own timing, but through his grace, he redeems us and not only brings us closer to each other, but also closer to him. My brother has talked about being angry at God for years, and even at one time telling me that he didn’t even believe he was real. He has been telling about what he thinks God is doing, which is something because this means he’s acknowledging His existence in a positive manner. Baby steps. He even asked us to send him a Study Bible so he can read and understand what he’s reading (That one made me really excited, as I’m a huge fan of the ESV Study Bible).

Y’all. Life is so hard. 2017 was so hard. My heart was broken over and over again seeing my brother fall further and further away from the only one that can actually give him real relief from the pain he feels in life. Watching his destructive actions and attitudes was so hard for me. 

What God is doing in my life through this: making me more sympathetic towards people who are not like me, and teaching me that it’s okay to cry out to him when I’m hurting. Whether they are people like my brother, who have an incredible support system despite being heartbroken, or for people who are in jail because they have no one that actually cares about them. It’s so tough to see things from another point of view or understand where people are coming from. It never justifies bad choices, but it makes it easier to see why they got to that point, which makes it easier to point them to the gospel. He’s teaching me how to love other people.

If you’ve read all of this, thank for taking the time to read this little story, and I’m asking for prayers for my sweet parents and my brother as they continue on this road until he can get home, and then even after for continued growth in their relationship and rehabilitation into heart change.

Why did I decide to start blogging?

Here I am, blogging away. Since I've decided to restart my blogging adventure, I thought I would tell you the story of how I got started.

When I was in high school, I overheard someone talking about how yearbook was an "easy A" class. Because I wanted something that was easy, I took it. I started editing pictures for the book and writing stories for the school newspaper. Even though I didn't like writing news stories, I did like writing to an extent. 

Then, I started working on the newspaper in Journalism 1. I wrote stories for that as well. As I got more and more involved in the world of journalism and writing, I became intrigued by the world of blogging. I started with writing a post on my own personal tumblr page, and then decided to make a page just for writing. That was fine for a while, but I decided one day to just go for it and create a website where I could house all of my writing and pictures. 

It's an easy way to keep all of my writing together, and my portfolio of pictures. Even though I have to pay to keep this page live, and for my custom domain name, it makes me feel so much more "legit" in what I do. I want to be involved in the world of blogging and writing online. I want to be immersed in the digital world in any way that I possibly can, so here we are. I'm putting my thoughts on the internet, and hopefully someone will take some inspiration from it.