Christian Worldview

Hunter Merck

Christian Worldview

Dr. Beam


What is Apologetics? 

            Apologetics is simply knowing how to defend the faith. It’s important for people to know why they believe what they do. When people take the time to prove other religions wrong, they fail to try to prove their own faith as truth. I think it’s important to know the history in regards to what happened when so that we can properly prove that certain things happened in history.

            The Bible tells us that it’s important to be ready to defend our faith. I think this means that we need to be able to know a lot about what we believe. If we say we are Christians, and follow the Christian worldview, then we need to understand the full dynamics of what it means to be one and what we fully believe. People who demand answers are usually those who know a lot about the faith, even if they don’t believe it, so knowing everything you can about what you believe is important.

            I agree that knowing the logical implications is necessary for apologetics. This element is one of the most important because it’s easiest for other people to understand why, if there is logical backing it up. Refutation is important because knowing how other faiths and religions work helps to be able to prove your own beliefs right. Being confident in your beliefs helps you to be able to defend it.